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Interferon Beta 1A Injection

Immunity Booster

If you are prey to falling sick every winter or when the climate changes, what you should look for is immunity boosters. There are many natural foods that play as the immunity booster in daily life. Following is the list of these super foods:

• Oranges: This is a citrus fruit that is easily available in Indian markets, being rich in vitamin C, which increases the white blood cells of the body, thus, fighting infections. This makes orange an amazing immunity booster.

• Broccoli: This immunity booster vegetable is definitely a super food because of the tons of vitamins and minerals. Having numerous antioxidants as well as vitamin A, C and E, broccoli is one of the healthiest foods one can consume. This makes it the best natural immunity booster.

• Garlic: One of the essential elements of all Indian dishes, garlic is a superb immunity booster. It has been discovered in early civilization that garlic helps in fighting infections. Besides being a great immunity booster it is also helpful in lowering cholesterol level and preventing the hardening of arteries.

• Spinach: The immunity booster super food is considered healthy not only for its richness in vitamin C but also because of its numerous antioxidants that increases infection fighting capability. This is one of the best immunity boosters available.

• Yogurt: This immunity booster being a great source of Vitamin D, helps stimulate immune system to help fight diseases.

These natural foods are the best immunity booster one can consume, but with today’s busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, one doesn’t have the time and patience to consume natural food that needs to be cooked. The modern lifestyle wants everything to be quick, so it is best to consume immunity boosting tablets that give you the same results as the natural food but in a much easier and faster way. This is easy to consume and can be carried where ever you go, it fits in today’s lifestyle giving you the strength and immunity to lead a better life.

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