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Medicines for Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment for cancer where medicine is used to kill cancer cells. It kills the cancer cells by damaging them so they cannot reproduce and spread. Medicines for Chemotherapy are sometimes feared because of a patient's concern about toxic effects. Their role is to slow and hopefully halt the growth and spread of a cancer. There are three goals associated with the use of the most commonly-used anticancer agents.

  • Damage the DNA of the affected cancer cells.
  • Inhibit the synthesis of new DNA strands to stop the cell from replicating, because the replication of the cell is what allows the tumor to grow.
  • Stop mitosis or the actual splitting of the original cell into two new cells. Stopping mitosis stops cell division (replication) of the cancer and may ultimately halt the progression of the cancer.

Unfortunately, the majority of drugs currently on the market are not specific, which leads to the many common side effects associated with cancer chemotherapy. Because the common approach of all chemotherapy is to decrease the growth rate (cell division) of the cancer cells, the side effects are seen in bodily systems that naturally have a rapid turnover of cells including skin, hair, gastrointestinal, and bone marrow. These healthy, normal cells also end up damaged by the chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy (often just called "chemo") refers to medications that kill actively dividing cells. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells grow continuously because they don't respond to normal signals that control cell growth. Chemotherapy works by disrupting cell division and killing actively dividing cancer cells. In contrast to radiation therapy, which destroys cancer cells in a specific area of the body, chemotherapy works to treat cancer throughout the body.

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